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zip_ca's Journal

For members of any/all Canadian DVD rental sites
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This is a community for members of zip.ca and other Canadian DVD rental sites to discuss any aspect of said outlets - from what movies someone has most recently watched and what they thought of them (please use lj-cuts to save people from spoilers and bloated friends pages), to discussion of what kind of service they've recieved, how good the selection is, how long the wait for sending and recieving discs is... whatever.

Canadian DVD Rental Sites
(Please note that I do not necessarily personally vouch for any of these services - my only experience is with zip.ca and even that is only a month old so far)

VHQ Online
Movies For Me
DVDs To Your Door
Relay Rentals (also rents games for the PS2, X-Box, and Gamecube)
DVD Rental
Hollyweb DVD

Websites and Articles re: Outlets

National Post, May 29, 2004 ~ Yes, this article is hosted by zip.ca, but they post all the results, including the results of the competitors.
David Oberst's DVD rental comparison page is a fantastic page, full of ways to decide which service is best for you, complete with personal experiences.

If anyone has any suggestions for interests to add, or for more URLs, please drop me a note and let me know. And feel free to join! Shopping around for a Canadian rental site was a frustrating experience, I'm hoping this community will help make it less so for other Canadians. If you're wondering why I chose a specific rental outlet's name to use as the community name - it was a lot easier than trying to condense "Canadian DVD Rental Sites".

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